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Hopeful Pre-Departure Gift

My daily ritual includes a 3 hour morning hike. I usually spend the first hour saying the rosary and the next two in prayerful adoration/meditation on our Lord. This morning, while praying the mystery of Proclamation of the Kingdom I was given the small gift of lilies.

Out of the dried-up earth were these shoots of hope and joy. With the help of my friends, we did a little research and they are the Belladonna Lillies. They do pop-up in late summer, however usually in August.

While I was pondering the Proclamation of the Kingdom I was thinking about how he is everywhere, and though I am embarking as pilgrim I can find him anywhere, including my little hike. Then, our glorious and generous Jesus showed me this little miracle. The verse in Song of Songs 2:2 called to me, "Like a lily among thorns, so is my friend among women."

Thank you, Jesus, I look forward to finding you in many more places along the journey. I appreciate your confidence in me and I am grateful your Blessed Mother is my guide to you.

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