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My sacramentals for the trip

I leave tommorrow. My head was blessed, my rosary beads were blessed, the wisdom scripture ready for devouring, and my heart filled with joy. I think I am ready.

"I praise the word of God, I praise the word of the LORD. In God I trust, I do not fear. What can man do to me? I have made vows to you, God; with offerings I will fulfill them" Psalms 56:11-13

Every trip starts with a foundation, like a home being built. It must be strong and able to handle the load that is placed upon it. It must be able to endure cold, heat, snow, wind, and rain. So must my soul as a house of the Lord. My foundation is Mary. It is my desire to be with her as often as possible so she can gently lead me to her son.

I have been praying to Jesus to show me the way to Mary and allow me to experience the richness of her love so that I may in turn bring that love to all God's children in whatever way I am called. There is no greater example of humility and service than our Blessed Mother.

Tomorrow at 2:10 pm I board a flight to London and then set out to build my foundation so that I may return with a soul filled with the building materials God wants me to use in his Kingdom on earth. Your prayers are with me and please pray for me.

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