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Jesus Behind Me

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

I was at a communion service at my friend’s house to bless her mother in her upcoming journey. As the priest was anointing her, he said, "...Jesus in front of you, Jesus Behind you..." At those words, Our Lord transported me to a scene in my head. What made this scene even more intriguing is that for the first time I was able to connect it to a previous meditation. I am beginning to see the path he is laying before me, like breadcrumbs along the forest ground.


Our Holy Spirit is quite the tapestry weaver. In meditation with Him, I encounter such vivid images that engage all my senses, and I sometimes wonder if this is something I am making up or is it indeed the Holy Spirit placing how He wants me to serve Him straight into my heart? The feelings are so real and so strong my only explanation is that it is the Holy Spirit prompting me.

I have been watching the Wild Goose Pentecost Vigil in our "Online Self Study" section and in one of the video's Fr. Dave Pivonka he discusses the "Fruits of the Holy Spirit." In this video he points out:

"By the way we live and how we treat people, our lives produce some type of fruit. The sort of fruit our lives produce has eternal consequences for us personally as well as a profound impact on those people we love. In fact, our fruit impacts all of our relationships, from the most casual to the most intimate. When we live animated by the Holy Spirit, our lives produce fruit that not only makes our own life more peaceful, patient, and loving but also influences positively those whom we encounter each and every day."

Fast forward to the communion service, the words "Jesus behind you" triggered an emotional response and images of the road behind me. I pondered, "what are my fruits, and how have they impacted the people I have encountered?" So many moments passed by me very quickly and I was continually being reminded that because I have gone to the sacrament of reconciliation and confessed the rotten fruit I left on my life's journey that I have been forgiven. It was magical to see how every action had a reaction, I was sad and happy all at the same time.

I then moved to another scene, the Road to Emmaus. It was not until the gift of Grace that the disciples recognized our Lord. It is not easy for me to describe how the Holy Spirit was making a point in my soul, however, in my less than stellar word skills it was to the effect that we are all the face of Christ and we are all walking the road to Emmaus. Through our good works, our faith, our kindness, mercy, and obedience to our Holy Father we become His face for others. That at the moment we evangelize, show mercy and provide the love our Holy Father would He will be recognized.

I am more than motivated to leave a trail of "fruit" or as I now call "Jesus behind me." I want to serve Him and along this journey of life allow others to our Lord work through me.

God is Good.

Written by Kimberli Halpin, Our Lady of the Rosary Adult Faith Formation
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