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Holy Spirit is Simply Love

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

I am often lost in conversation with our Lord. The world around me seems to be a constant question. I am like his two-year-old continually asking, "why?" One particular conversation went like this:

I was driving through Father Joe's Village neighborhood that is populated mostly by the homeless and persons with heavy alcohol/drug addictions. I asked our Lord if he hurt when he saw all the homeless people and if there was something he needed me to do.
Photo taken by the San Diego Union Tribune

His answer was surprising, "No."

Our Lord then took me on a journey, which felt like hours, however, in reality, I am sure it was minutes.

He placed upon my heart that His love is like the air surrounding all of us - it is there, always surrounding us, moving in us and through us. I could see these blue and white lines intertwining and moving through people and myself. It was stunningly beautiful. He continued to prompt me with, "It is simply there and if I want to do something for him be His face and his love."

He then showed me something quite fantastic, it was so joyous in my heart I almost could not take it, and as much as I was enjoying it, I was also overwhelmed by it. When we smile at those who hurt, when we respond in love to that which we find offensive when we instantaneously forgive when others are thoughtless we are expressing His love, and that our job and what we must do every minute for the rest of our lives.

I was moved and brought to tears by this experience. It was a beautiful moment with our Lord as I could see what he meant though I am unskilled in fully describing it.

Because I often behave like a spoiled child and ask too many questions when our Lord is giving me gifts I asked Him again why it didn't hurt? It is impossible for me to express the answer as it was an intense feeling that overcame me: hearts are known to him, and love does not hurt - love seeks to penetrate and continuously sees the good. As I was swirling around in this beauty and goodness, my human nature got the best of me, and I asked another question. "The man who disrupts a mass and breaks things in a church - how do I understand that? His explanation was beautiful: He doesn't see the pain, the circumstances or the needs of that person, He sees the beautiful soul he created and loves him. It is our weakness that portrays the human as less or bothersome.

I believe our Lord was preparing me to help the suffering and allowed me to see them as He see's them so that I can approach it with divine love.

How will you approach His love?

Written by Kimberli Halpin, Our Lady of the Rosary Adult Faith Formation

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