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A Day in Fatima

I was able to do all that I planned and more. While at the Blessed Virgin art exhibition I met an Englishman who shared with me over coffee all the hidden treasures of Fatima. So I set off with my prayers in one hand and my rosary beads in another for an adventure.

Here are a few highlights:


What a peaceful place to encounter our Lord. As I intently stared at our Lord I began to see the Eucharist as the tree of life and my imagination took over and I saw the roots of the tree shoot out of the bottom and entangle me in them. I felt as if I was being loved so tenderly and naturally.

I was also able to pray each prayer request by name.


This was really lovely. There were all kinds of different representations of Our Mother. All the volunteers were very nice and extremely knowledgeable. Here are some of my favorites.


I received the grace of attending a Spanish mass. The English masses have been canceled due to Covid and just so happened the mass I attended was in Spanish, which, is something I can get by on much easier than Portuguese. To top it off the homily was sensational. He focused on understanding the word of God and using the word of God for mercy. I felt as if he was speaking directly to my heart.


Going to the spot where Mary met the children after they were released from jail had a real impact on me. It reminded me to trust that she is always there even when the world seems to want to get me to ignore or deny her.


This is the final earthly resting place of Mary’s chosen three. How lovely they are finally all together again.

At 6 AM tomorrow morning I am heading to the Lisbon airport to see what flights I can get onto my next destination. I am looking forward to what the Lord has planned.

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