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Before you choose to have an abortion

We have many resources to help you with your pregnancy at no cost.

Why do we do this: because the life growing inside of you is significant, your child, your child's children, and the many generations to come have a role to play in this world.  Today you may feel like this is the right thing to do; however, know that no matter what you are going through, having an abortion will not solve it.  Please take a moment to speak to one of our pregnancy centers before going through with your abortion.  An abortion can never be reversed, and your child will never have the opportunity to thank you for bringing them into the world. 

If you are being trafficked, contact:

1 (888) 373-7888

National Human Trafficking Hotline

SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")

Please signal to one of the councilors outside in any way you can that you need help, and they will reach out for you. 

If you are in an abusive relationship that is forcing this abortion upon you, please contact:

National Domestic Violence Hotline


SMS: Text START to 88788

Pre-Abortion Help

True Choice Medical Clinic

True Choice Medical Clinic

We provide pregnancy and reproductive health support, regardless of your circumstance or decisions, and at no cost to you. Free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests.


CAPS Pregnancy Center

Free pregnancy services / Abortion education and information

Downtown Area Clinic (Park West)

2903 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

College Area Clinic (SDSU)

6663 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite L
San Diego, CA 92115

Beach Area Clinic (Pacific Beach)

1856 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109

Mesa Area Clinic (Kearny Mesa)

3750 Convoy St., Suite 118
San Diego, CA 92111



Serving families in need from conception to Kindergarten


Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Post Abortion Help

Rachel's Hope

Contact: Rosemary  Phone: 858-581-3022

Hispanic Contact: Lulu  Phone: 858-952-2394



Project Rachel, the Catholic Church's ministry to those who have been involved in abortion, is a diocesan-based network of specially trained priests, religious, counselors, and laypersons who provide a team response of care for those suffering in the aftermath of abortion. In addition to referring for Sacramental Reconciliation, the ministry provides an integrated network of services, including pastoral counseling, support groups, retreats and referrals to licensed mental health professionals.

Post Abortion Support
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