Places of Hope

Please share upcoming events or stories of hope here.

St. Patricks offered Drive-Thru Confessions

On Wednesday, March 25th between 1 - 2 pm Fr. Carlos of St. Patrick Parish in San Diego's North Park offered drive thru confessions. 

Neighborhood Procession

Pastor Father Billy Kosco from St. Henry Catholic Church, Buckeye, AZ along with Fr. Ryan and Deacon Mark processed through three neighborhoods last Sunday to let people know that the Church is with them during this time of separation and worry.  Many people came out of their homes, stopped what they were doing, and some spontaneously began to follow us and sing “Bendito, Bendito”.  Father Billy told us, "We went to a subdivision named “Sundance" and stopped at the home a parishioner named Ernie DeLeón, a leader in our Filipino community.  His wife Linda has cancer and he himself was not feeling well, so I blessed him with the Eucharist through his screen door.  He texted me later that evening and wrote: “Thank you for bringing Jesus to me.  It lifted my spirits.”  He died unexpectedly the next morning."  

Bringing Needed Hope

They say, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." This past weekend, our Chicago North Shore team saw a need that wasn't being filled, and decided to do something about it. With many slowly losing hope due to fear caused by the Coronavirus, team leader Mark and his fellow evangelist grabbed a beautiful image of Our Lady, an enormous bouquet of flowers, a large American flag, threw it in the bed of a pickup truck (they called it their mobile prayer station), and hit the road. They even put a giant sign on the back asking for prayer intentions with an email address where folks could send them. Their aim was to restore hope just by being present and saying some vocal prayers (at a distance, of course).

They went out and prayed over the town of Northbrook (our Chicago North Shore team leader's hometown). This included visiting three nursing homes, the police station, two firehouses, Glenbrook Hospital, and ending at the Village Hall. People were waving and even stopping to take photos. One tracked them to the Shermer Firehouse just to give a big thumbs up and thank you. All some could do, like one woman at Crestwood Place Apartments, is wave at them from their window as a gesture of thanks. Our team didn't come within 10 feet of anyone (except one policeman who thanked them for doing this). This impromptu event has already been seen (via video) by people around the world. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Mary!