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Upon This Rock

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Driving my little Panda (the name of my rental car) back to Bilbao to catch a flight to Madrid I was blessed with panoramic views of rugged unblemished beaches and rocky cliffs.

I had an emotional and spiritual reaction to this particular giant rocky cliff with its harsh, jagged, seemingly impenetrable face and rooted deep into the world as a representation of myself, the me I created, not the me God created. I was being bombarded and eroded by the heavy rain and crashing waves of God’s mercy.

I prayed for His relentless mercy to break apart the rough exterior and expose the caves within and allow his mercy to roll in and find a home.

I am looking forward to his answer.

Consider also the ships, which, though they are great and may be driven by strong winds, yet they are turned around with a small rudder, to be directed to wherever the strength of the pilot might will. James 3:4
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