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Setting Out: Spiritual Pilgrimage

For those who know me well, I tend to set out on spiritual journeys not with a plan but an inspiration

In a recent conversation with a friend the question was posed on what I would be willing to do for the one I loved? How far would I be willing to travel? How much effort would I put forth to make a relationship work?

These questions impacted me deeply and my mind went straight to our Lord. He knows my heart and can answer this question without me doing anything. However, as a weak and imperfect person, I need to discover my answers to know my heart a little more and use the knowledge for good.

I decided that I need to set out, with the help of his mother, and put myself in a position to answer these questions. I have a one way ticket to London and 2 weeks to discover the answers. I am leaving San Diego on September 21st and returning October 5th (2020) and will see how far and how much I am willing to offer my Lord.

I am writing this blog to document what an ordinary Catholic girl, with no theological education or grand title can experience when I seek the Lord in a deeper and more meaningful way. With great trust in the Lord I look forward to the unknown unfolding before me.

All for the Glory of God.

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